Crescent Moon Farm Lambs to Slaughterhouse

Khalid Elkalai

Today when we visited Crescent Moon Farm in Amherst, Massachusetts. Khalid Elkalai was preparing the lambs for transport to Adams Farm in Athol, Massachusetts, to be slaughtered. It was a frigid early morning, but the lambs were very warm in the barn with their other lamb friends (and having nice … [Read more...]

Green Meadows Farm

Andrew and pigs

Our visit today to Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts, was a wonderful opportunity to see how pigs, sheep and chickens can thrive in a pastured environment. Andrew Rodgers and his wife, Diana, explained how the sunlight helps the animals to produce more vitamin D and how their natural … [Read more...]

Miles Smith Farm

Bruce and Carol with Lulu

We spent the day at Miles Smith Farm and saw some of the most meticulously cared-for cattle in the world!  Carole Soule and Bruce Dawson (husband and wife) raise these Scottish Highlander Cattle in gorgeous rolling pastures adjacent to their home. They also have a store front where they sell … [Read more...]

Crescent Moon Farm

Khalid Showing Lamb Pasture

Khalid Elkalai raises 100% grass fed lambs on this pasture in Belchertown, Massachusetts. The lambs are never fed grain, animal byproducts, or artificial growth hormones. We had such a wonderful day roaming around these scenic pastures, full of very healthy and humanely raised animals. Khalid … [Read more...]

Jen & Pete’s Backyard Birds

Jen with plucked chicken

We spent time with Jen Hashley & Pete Lowy observing their mobile chicken processing project. With the help of local volunteers, they humanely slaughtered and packaged about 400 chickens. Jen and Pete raised all of the birds in a free-range environment. Pete Lowy gently and humanely … [Read more...]