Bison Processing with Temple Grandin

Temple explains at kill box

On Monday, September 10th, we were honored to have Temple Grandin give us a lesson on the humane slaughter of bison at Double J Meatpacking in Pierce, Colorado. She explained to us that bison almost became extinct, but fortunately now people are raising bison and they've really made a comeback. … [Read more...]

A visit to White Oak Pastures

Will Harris

Last week we visited White Oak Pastures, Will Harris’ fourth-generation farm in Bluffton, Georgia. Will raises cattle, sheep, goats, chickens turkeys, and geese. In the near future he plans to add rabbits and hogs as well. The farm is exemplary in terms of both land stewardship and humane animal … [Read more...]

Calves on their Way to be Veal

Close up of calf on trailer with sun

Early on Tuesday morning, August 7th, we accompanied Terri Lawton as she transported three calves and a steer to a slaughterhouse out of state.  It was about a 50-minute drive.  The calf chewing on my shirt on the July 15th post from the Lawton Farm is the one in the middle of the three pictured … [Read more...]

Fencing and Farming with the Shelley Family

Family Fencing

We visited Eric Shelley and his family on his farm in Cobleskill, New York, on July 14th 2012.  We wanted to learn more about what he does when he is not teaching students about humane slaughter, cutting and packing. On this very hot July Saturday, the main task was to put up new fencing for the … [Read more...]

Milk Cows and Veal Calves at Lawton Farm

Me and Terri in Field with Cow

On July 11th we visited Terri Lawton on her farm in Foxboro, MA. This three hundred year-old farm, which has been in the Lawton family for generations, is a welcome anomaly in the vicinity of Gillette Stadium. We were privileged to be invited to watch her milk her Ayrshires, a breed quite … [Read more...]