Summer editing internship opportunity

AEditing-Summer-2014re you a student or recent graduate looking to gain valuable hands-on experience? Do you have some creative and technical skills you’d like to apply while learning about documentary storytelling, creative problem-solving, the editing process, and bringing it all together in the editing room? Do you want to play a part in completing a ground-breaking film with a unique perspective on the issue of humane animal slaughter?

Farm and Red Moon is accepting applications from exceptional individuals serious about a career in documentary post-production. All applicants must have some experience with writing, video editing, and production.

As an intern working in the role of assistant editor you will work closely with the producer/directors of the film, learning how we take the project from the rough assembly stage to the final cut. You will help to log and organize new footage, perform archival research, build sequences of selected footage, and be closely involved in the process of crafting the final film. The producer/directors are both college professors and committed to making the internship a rewarding learning experience and they have extensive experience in their respective disciplines: Audrey Kali is the subject matter expert and teaches Communication at Framingham State University; David Tames is an award-winning media maker who teaches Video Arts at Northeastern University.

Editing-CardsThe internship is located in Boston, Massachusetts and runs for three months beginning May 26th and concluding August 28th. You are expected to work a minimum of 3 days (or 24 hours) a week and you’ll be invited to participate on any pick-up shoots we may do over the summer which may require overnight travel. The internship is unpaid, however, all pre-approved expenses (e.g. transportation) will be reimbursed and a healthy lunch will be provided. You will receive upon favorable completion: a bona fide credit in the film; college credit (if needed and if it can be arranged with your college or university); letters of recommendation; a copy of the completed film; and a VIP invitation to the premiere screening.

To inquire about the internship use our contact form. To apply for the internship, send an email to the producer/directors at (if applying include a cover letter in the body of the email and attach your Resume and Essay as PDF document attachments, no other formats are acceptable). In your cover letter please outline your learning goals for the summer, explain briefly why spending the summer working as an assistant editor fits into your career plans, and why you think you are a good fit given the internship and the topic of the film.

Browse through our site  to learn more about the film and watch our current trailer.

This internship is designed to comply with the US Department of Labor’s criteria for unpaid internships under The Fair Labor Standards Act. For more information you should read the fact sheet available from the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division. With this or any other unpaid internship, it is your right under the law to expect the internship to comply with these guidelines.