Today we visited Crescent Moon Farm in Amherst, Massachusetts. Khalid Elkalai was preparing the lambs for transport to Adams Farm in Athol, Massachusetts, to be slaughtered. It was a frigid early morning, but the lambs appeared warm in the barn grouped with other lambs (and having nice coats of wool). They basked pleasantly in the sunshine, but were not very happy about being separated from their ewes (mothers).

Khalid’s Maremma (sheep guard dog) stood vigilantly over the lambs and made sure that no one strange came near them. The loyalty of these dogs in regard to the lambs and sheep is utterly amazing!

A total of twelve lambs were loaded onto the truck. With a little bit of kind coaxing from Khalid, they effortlessly rambled into the trailer. Actually, too many went onto the truck and they had to be persuaded to go back to the barn.

Khalid does his very best to assure a good life for his lambs and ewes. And like any good farmer will say, seeing them go away is never simple or easy.