Our visit today to Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts, was a wonderful opportunity to see how pigs, sheep and chickens can thrive in a pastured environment.

Andrew Rodgers and his wife, Diana, explained how the sunlight helps the animals to produce more vitamin D and how their natural diets enable them to retain better nutrients. It was fun to see the pigs lounge in the sunshine and root around in the woods. The sheep were very content to graze peacefully on the lush, green pasture.

It was a bit humorous to watch this very intelligent pig lift the various doors of the feeder to find the best morsels of food. Their noses are like another appendage and they come in handy for all kinds of things requiring dexterity.

We were fortunate to be at Green Meadows Farm during harvest. They had such a delicious array of organic produce.  Of course we couldn’t leave without buying some of this wonderful food. It’s quite the place to shop, and everything is very well maintained. Just look at those awesome pumpkins!