What impressed me the most about visiting this feedlot was the health and contentedness of the cattle.  There was hardly any mooing, and they seemed comfortable just walking around and hanging out with their friends. They are constantly looked after by experienced workers on horseback.

Also, with so many cattle in one place, I was surprised with how clean everything was and that there was no odor.  It was also amazing to see how all of the cattle were expertly organized in separate pens depending on their ages, breeds, genders, and origins.  The system is brilliantly organized! Nolan Stone happily took a lot of time to give us the tour and explain all of the details.


Even the feed and hay looked impeccably clean, and the cattle were obviously very well cared for. Of course it’s such a contrast to seeing cattle in a pasture on a smaller farm, but all of these cattle have lived their lives on vast ranches and are now here for about 160 days to be “finished” (gain weight prior to harvesting).

And of course the feedlot horses were absolutely irresistible, as you can see!