We went to Miles Smith Farm in Loudon, New Hampshire, to film for our fundraising campaign. Ed Slattery did a wonderful job with the filming, and  Susan Kaup, our Marketing Manager, took on the role of site photographer.  Through her eyes and lenses we have the pictures on this post. We also spoke with the owners, Carole Soule and Bruce Dawson, who raise Scottish Highlander Cattle for beef.

Miles Smith Farm

It was an amazing experience to actually ride a cow for the first time in my life! It was similar to riding a horse, but more bumpy, boney, and unpredictable.

Miles Smith Farm

The cow that I rode, Missy, just gave birth to a calf a couple of months ago, but he was stillborn. She is quite healthy, though, and will surely be bred again in the future.

Missy at Miles Smith Farm

Carole and Bruce believe it’s important for the welfare of the cattle that they maintain close relationships with them and interact with them daily. If cattle don’t have that daily contact with human beings, they are more stressed at the time of transport to slaughter and can suffer more in the process.

Audrey, Missy and Carole at Miles Smith Farm

These cattle have the most magnificent horns and are extremely friendly and curious.  Carole told us that slaughterhouse workers sometimes have a difficult time managing them because of their horns, but I do respect that they keep the horns on them since it’s more natural for them.

Miles Smith Farm

When we last visited the farm in September of 2010, their new store front had not yet been built. It was great to see it finished and stocked with their wonderful products. The natural wood in the design is perfect for the farm.

the store at Miles Smith Farm